I had recruited a team of a folks to help. One was at a previous workshop and he was very helpful. The other was an expat missionary that lived in the country and spoke that language fluently. The third was another missionary friend from a country not far away. I felt like we were ready.

In reality, we were not. Most of the students did not understand or were not prepared for building sites that meet our goals. Another organization that we have informal ties with asked for a meeting. They said we should not have come. That we may have put people in harm’s way. I felt terrible. I apologized to them and did everything they asked to mitigate any danger. Fortunately, we were protected from any harm. I was overwhelmed with the burden of training the new team, taking care of all the finances and helping the students catch our vision. Not to mention that a terrorist cell was broken up not far from the town and not all of the terrorist were captured. At the beginning of the second week, all but one of our team was sick with colds including myself. I was discouraged. It looked like we had made a mistake.  In the end, several of the students understood our goals and adjusted their websites accordingly. Some of these participants are working in very difficult areas. Their websites are for communities that are hard to reach. Websites and phone apps are one of the only ways to reach the community. One student told me the community he works with has no missionaries, no churches and very few believers.

 We would not have gotten these types of students with our traditional partners. We were able to teach a powerful program that makes creating stories easy and publishable. All students and instructors were safe and unharmed. All 18 students passed our website audits and their sites went live. Whats more, during the workshop, I got two phone calls from people requesting workshops in their regions that align exactly with our goals.

Shortly after the workshop, I heard from one of the students that our websites are having an impact on the communities. Despite seeming mistakes and misfortune, God is wasting nothing. Consider this student's comments:

“I am a student who is currently working through the media for some neglected language communities in one of the areas on the island I live. Several of us have prayed for a long time about a tool that crosses boundaries, is easy to use and allows prompt delivery of the good news. The LORD paved the way with the training I took in May. I was able to create a website in one of the existing languages. Many people are happy with this. They can have websites in their language so that they can read, watch movies and hear voice recordings. This media motivates others to pray for more people from indigenous languages communities who will open the website to hear the news about JESUS.”