The Taxi driver was speaking in another language and I could not understand him so I contented myself in picture taking and absorbing the breath-taking landscape. My host said, “You should hear this. I will translate” The taxi driver was telling the other men in the taxi how he became a follower of Jesus. I got out my phone to take pictures. However, as the host translated the story I lost interest in taking pictures. 
Hal, the taxi driver, was a young man when his brother, his sister-in-law and niece died in a car accident. He was devastated. Hal became a God hater. He would challenge God to fight him. His mother was ill at the time and her illness turned into a paralysis from the waist down. This was the final straw and Hal stopped believing in God.  He told his Mom he was an atheist and she told him that one day he would not have enough words to thank God. He just laughed. He became very good at arguing against the existence of God. He was so good he was on the radio for a time. People knew him as the devil’s man.
Even so, he was depressed and began to hate his life. He was doing drugs regularly, getting drunk often and beating his wife. He got in many fights and beat people mercilessly. He hated himself and his life.  One day in his back yard, he heard someone call him. He answered but he could not find where the voice came from. He looked over the fence to the discarded property next door where sometimes he drank with friends. There was no one there. He went to another place where his friends were. He told them that he heard a voice and asked if they were calling him. They said no. He asked them about the people that he used to fight and beat up badly. Could they remember why he did it?  They said they could not. They offered him some drugs and alcohol but he refused. He went home to his back yard and the voice told him to look in the outside bathroom but he refused. After the third or fourth time he went to look in the bathroom. The voice said for him to look in the commode. He refused. --->

He said that after the fifth time he felt pressure on his neck pushing him to look. The voice asked. “What do you see?” In tears, he said I see me. The voice said, “You are correct. Now go tell your wife that everything will be alright”. Immediately he obeyed what he heard. When he went to tell his wife “everything would be alright” She was startled and protected herself thinking he would just beat her again. He told her about the voice. She did not believe him. She thought he was crazy and needed to go to the hospital. He then went to talk to his mom. She also did not believe him. Over the next few days, he explained to them many things and finally won them over with his behavior and his words. He was telling them things they had not heard before. After a few days, the Lord told him to look above the ledge in the closet door for a book he should read.  He went, to the closet and found the book. It was the gospel of John. He began to read it for the first time. As he read, his wife and mother were amazed to find the words in the gospel were the same things he had told them earlier. He believed in what he was hearing but his wife and mother did not. Later Hal’s wife became a follower of Jesus as the words penetrated her heart and her husband’s life changed.
Now that he and his wife were believers, they wanted to find a church. He only knew of one Christian; a man in his village where he grew up. He had not seen him for many years. Back then, the man was very poor. Others in the village considered him a traitor and hated him because he left the dominant religion. Hal had bullied him. When he approached the house, the man had a new SUV car in the front and it looked like he was prospering. He came outside, took one look at Hal and in disbelief said “Surely not you!” He recognized from looking at Hal that he was now a follower of Jesus. He gave Hal a phone number for a place of worship. Sometime later Hal’s mother and father became believers. Later his wife confided that she had decided to take her own life the day that Hal came in and said, “Everything will be alright”.