Grace was very quiet for most of the workshop. Her husband talked and asked questions. I thought that she was just in a supportive role and not really learning to be a website manager. I went to their table to answer a question and found my thinking was in error. She was very capable, acknowledging my instruction and showing her husband the correct way to do something. At the end of the workshop, I talked with her and her husband. They impressed me with their commitment to the Bible translation movement and the community they are working in. They moved to this community from their home in India to share Christ with others. 

They have only been in their  new community for a few years and it is not in an easy place. Temperatures in the summer can get as high as 44 degrees Celsius (over 110 Fahrenheit). I wondered about their church and the community of believers in their area. When I asked Grace, she had a confused look on her face. Thinking she misunderstood I reworded my question. “How many churches are in your community?” She understood and answered. “None”. She said that there were no other Christians in the language community they are trying to reach. She asked me to pray as I now ask you to pray: Pray for Grace and Pavan as they minister with the Scriptures in a spiritually desolate place.