A request from afar


I have no idea how he heard about our organization. We really don’t advertise our products and services outside our own related organizations. The email I received was from someone requesting our services to build a phone app and was somewhat cryptic.  It made me a bit wary. I wrote the person back to get more information. When I received his reply the adventure began.  
Jared (not his real name) asked me to build a mobile application for a group of people in a region of the world that is not normally open to Christian material. This language community was not Jared’s primary focus but was one he was near and had access to the material we needed to build the app. He said that the group are mainly oral learners so he did not want any text in the application. Only pictures and audio. I had done an application like this as a test for someone else so in theory I was pretty sure it would work. I told him I would be willing to try. Jared  was very appreciative and made the pictures and audio available.

He said that he really wanted to do something for the community he was working directly with but he could not get access to the material. 
After some time and working back and forth with Jared we did build an app and it was well received by some in the community. 
A few months later, Jared contacted me and asked if I would make some minor changes to the app. I made the changes and put the app back on the google play store. He also said that he was going to ask another organization for access to the material for the language community he was working directly with. Up to this point, they were not willing to give him access. A month or two later, he met with those who had the material he needed and they granted him access! Enthusiastically, Jared told me that when he demonstrated the app that we had built for the first language community they were excited. They wanted and app like that one in their language and immediately gave him access and approval to use the material. Now, Jared is working on getting the audio ready for the mobile app for the language community he is working on.