Websites - We help representatives from a language community create websites where they can share their cultural stories, linguistic material, community development information, sacred text, videos and music. Many are excited to promote Scriptures, music with their instruments, cultural events, weddings, and holidays. All in their language. We send a small team to do a 6-10 day workshop with the people from several language communities. We instruct them to use our software in the language of broader communication. The trainees work on getting media on their website usually by the second day. We also audit  the websites to make sure they are appealing and functionally accurate. By the end of the workshop, most sites go live. Websites are great but that is not all we do. 


Mobile Apps - Phone apps are the best way to get media out for others to use. After they get the app on their phone, they can use it anytime with or without internet. 

We train folks to do their own apps or we get information from them and do it for them. To the right and left are pictures of apps that we have done. The highlighted section is audio being read in that language. Doing stories in this fashion aides those who do not know how to read. They can see and hear at the same time. Nice, right? But how do people find them?


Social Media - Language communities are growing quickly in the use of Social media. Places that had no internet connection a few years ago are now able to go online. Even in the places that currently do not have data connection, most will in less time than we think. Our ministry focuses on helping communities market their media through different social media platforms. It is sort of an ecosystem where websites, mobile apps and social media work together to store, promote and deliver media to language communities.